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Photo Uploads

Send us your body jewellery pics and receive (10p) credit into your E wallet to use on future purchases.

To submit a review and Picture simply go to the product page and click on (piercing pics & reviews) and follow the on screen instructions.

All approved body jewellery pictures will be credited with (10p) into their E wallet.

The body jewellery must be attached to your body and should be clearly visible.

You can only submit pictures of piercing jewellery, which you have purchased from Urban Piercing Shop.

For every pic that we approve you will receive 10 Urban Cash Points = £0.10 (10p) into your E wallet to redeem against future purchases.

The following content is not permitted: -

Images in which genitalia are visible. -

Images in which the relevant item cannot be recognised. -

Images of poor quality (blurred, washed out etc.) -

Images with other unacceptable content. -

Images in which the item is not worn directly on the body

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