Titanium Belly Bars

New range of Titanium Belly Bars, our piercers at our piercing studio in reading keep getting asked if we can get titanium belly in different designs, we our now pleased to say we have expanded our range of titanium belly bars and have found some gems for you, all bars are made with a high medical grade titanium barbell.

These titanium belly studs are the solution for sensitve belly piercing, people with nickel allergies and general problamtic belly piercings.

Check out our site www.urbanpiercingshop.co.uk for our new and ever increasing range of body jewellery.

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  1. Hi Peterdewhurst,
    Thanks for that, Belly button rings are in trend these days. This fashion practice started in the 90’s when a few models walked on the ramps of fashion shows sporting this novel piece of jewelry. This caught up with the latest fashion trends and numerous women lined up to acquire this unique jewelry to catch up with the time. Belly piercing parlors came into existence and enjoyed brisk business.
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