Hey. We have a great new selection of body jewellery in stock for you, Septum Clickers & Fake Septum Clickers , Rose Gold Body Jewellery collection , Opal Body Jewellery range , New organic Wooden Flesh Tunnels & Plugs and the latest designs in Scaffold Bars , we have also added many new Belly Bars and Tragus Jewellery. If you … Continue reading

Genuing gold and diamond body jewellery

    Diamonds embody purity, divine white light and crystal clear consciousness. They encapsulate man’s unflinching devotion to the divine inner core code or blueprint, that is within us all and they are esteemed the world over as the most powerful crystal of them all. Exquisite craftsmanship, quality and creativity come together to form our stunning range of unique designer … Continue reading

Jewelled Silver Nose Stud only £1.99

We love these jewelled silver nose studs, they are made from sterling silver and have a sparkling 2mm claw set cubic zirconia crystal, being made from silver the nose studs can easily be bent to fit the shape of your nose piercing, they come in in great range of colours and sit flush against your nose piercing. Now reduced from … Continue reading

Does body piercing hurt?

Is it going to hurt? Unfortunately your piercing will hurt. how much is dependent on the piercing and how you personally react. However most piercings are a perfectly tolerable pain that will pass within moments, often described as a sharp pinch. Keeping still and following your piercer’s instructions will make the whole experience as quick and painless as possible. For … Continue reading

How to size body jewellery

This is a rough Guide for the Sizing of body Jewellery for your piercings. What are the common jewellery sizes for body piercings? As a general rule, one to two millimetres off the size of your initial jewellery will give you a good estimation. Eyebrow piercing – usually 1.2mm or 1.6mm stem thickness by 6mm – 10mm in length Ear … Continue reading

How to ear stretching

Remember ear stretching is a body modification and should be approached accordingly! There are many opinions on the best and safest ways of stretching. Below is described the method recommended by our piercing studio Urban Piercings. Stretching is a very gradual process allowing plenty of time for your ear to adjust to each stretch, particularly in the smaller sizes. Stretching … Continue reading

Gold Scaffold Barbell

We now have this new gold plated scaffold bar in stock for 2014, 25, 32, 38mm lengths with two 5m screw on balls, this scaffold bar (industrial bar) is made from surgical steel with a gold plating, priced at £4.99. www.urbanpiercingshop.co.uk

labret studs for lip and ear piercing

We have a large range of 12.mm labret studs in stock starting from only £1.75, we stock surgical steel, titanium and gold labret studs, suitable for many ear piercings such as tragus, ear rim, rook, lip piercings and madonna piercings, we stock labret in 6mm and 8mm lengths.  

Tragus body jewellery

We have a great and wide range of styles of body jewellery designed specifically for Tragus and Helix piercings, tragus bars start from only £1.99,  we offer free delivery when you spend over £10 for uk orders. Helix & Tragus Stirrup Cuff from £2.99

Piercing Aftercare Solution

This natural aftercare solution is perfect for most piercings especially if you have sensitive skin, as it is made from a blend of active natural ingredients.  Just soak a cotton bud with a few drops and gently apply to your piercing twice a day. Contains vitamin E to help nourish and moisture and won’t tarnish your jewellery! Only £3.90 a … Continue reading